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Don’t Just ‘Think Pink’

Our surroundings hold an enormous impact over our development. Young girls are bombarded by messages in print, social media and on television that portray a certain view of beauty and success.  This view can have a huge impact on their approach to life. For some it can inspire and drive them to succeed.  For many others, it leaves them questioning life and never feeling quite good enough.

KOOKIE Magazine are looking to change this. Started by two mums, KOOKIE is a quarterly magazine for “tweens” that was launched on Kickstarter last year. Rather than presenting the “think pink” attitude of most magazines for tween girls and older, its editorial focus is on expanding the reader’s horizons and encouraging them to succeed. The magazine welcomes contributions from its readers and prints articles they write and photos they take.  KOOKIE is providing a platform for these kids to have a voice on topics they are interested in, projecting a viewpoint beyond the sphere of beauty and celebrity. Nicky Shortridge, one of the founders and co-editors, explained in an interview that KOOKIE is “a magazine for all kinds of girls, by all kinds of girls.”

To reinforce their ethos, KOOKIE carries no advertising.  Being ad free, it relies solely on strong, engaging content being enough to attract a subscription income. It’s a brave approach on the part of founders Nicky Shortridge and Vivien Jones and shows the confidence and belief they have in their product and its message.

I know that this is exactly the type of magazine that I craved when I was young and I’m so pleased to see a magazine hit the shelves that is designed to build a girl’s confidence rather than tear it down. Plus, boys can enjoy it too, as well as adults. KOOKIE is open to everyone. This is a magazine that accepts young people for what they are – individuals with their own opinions who can be incredibly insightful, clever, and creative. It is helping give the younger generation the support, voice, and power they need to be the best they can be.

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Jo Hood
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